Sir Emil Remo taught me something more than just reading musical notes; he taught me how to perform! He taught me to focus on the music rather on the noise or disturbances around. He helped me overcome self-consciousness which may cause a frostbite during performance. I learned to play music for others to enjoy. Thank you Mr. Remo! I’m looking forward to more of your life-changing music lessons!

Kristine Antonio

Emil Remo is the best music teacher ever.
I take online piano lessons with him via Skype. Even though my teacher is on the other side of the world, my nightly lessons with him makes my day! I learned to play so many piano pieces that I never thought my fingers could do. His method of teaching makes learning fun, enjoyable, memorable and truly makes impact on how to appreciate music.
He is the best, he won’t force you, but instead you’ll be the one who will keep on extending your lessons because you’ll get very excited. =)

Debbie Icasiano


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