To give you a glimpse on how taking online music lessons are, I’ve put together┬ásome sample lessons and tutorial videos (guitar basics, piano chords & vocal exercises). I hope you would find these videos useful as you begin┬álearning music. Enjoy & please feel free to share with your family & friends!

Sample Skype Lesson

22 Piano Chords in 2 Minutes

Vocal Exercises
(1) Ma-ma-ma (2) Ma-ma-ma in Arpeggios (3) Zee in 9-tone Scale (4) Alphabet Exercise (5) Staccato & Legato (Ha heh hee ho hoo)


22 Basic Guitar Chords in 2 Minutes

Guitar Tutorial: Hammer on pull offs, right hand tap

Guitar Tutorial:Fingerpicking Exercises 1-3

Guitar Tutorial: Left Hand Finger Exercises

Guitar Tutorial: Photograph by Ed Sheeran

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